GO GlobalOregonTM Think Tank Visions

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Morning Speakers and Panelists

  1. Tom Potiowsky, Oregon State Economist
  2. Thom Hartmann, author, national radio talk show host
  3. Michael Bleich, Dean, OHSU School of Nursing
  4. Mark Levy, President and CEO, United Way of Columbia-Willamette
  5. Arundeep Pradhan, Associate Vice President, Technology Transfer and Business Development, OHSU
  6. Aubyn Marath, MD, OHSU Cardiac Surgeon; President of CardioStart International
  7. Paul Primak, Director, International Programs, Oregon University System
  8. Noah Siegel, Director of International Affairs, Office of Mayor, City of Portland




Tom Potiowsky

Oregon’s trading partners have changed dramatically in past decade. China was not on the radar screen 10 years ago but now accounts for almost 20% of trade, with Malaysia #2.


Thom Hartmann

“Undermining competition” has negative impact on overall success.


Michael Bleich

  • Focus on the unusual – “positive deviance.”
  • Capture energy of various lenses (business, social networking, clinical) through GlobalOregonTM as a consortium of ideas and energy of organizations and people.


Mark Levy

  • Opportunity to link/partner with others to apply/engage local community with OHSU/non-profits and world
  • “Past models are working – don’t fit…Shared ownership in our ability to work together”
  • Facilitative leadership rather than a directive leadership
  • “How do we engage communities and individuals?”


Arundeep Pradhan

  • “Students don’t understand the concept of failure.”
  • Partnerships/collaborations/participation from multiple sectors – Remove impediments to intersectorial communication.
  • Social networking: not the job at the outset to say, “Here’s a project”…“must come from people who have their feet on the ground” to “connect me with local resources to make this happen…”
  • “Social networking is a means to an end.” Establish those connections to construct a team.
  • GlobalOregonTM needs to make a compelling reason why the business community should be involved.
  • GlobalOregonTM does not need to be another business, but should develop core values.


Aubyn Marath

  • “Talk less and get on with it.”
  • See a problem, find a solution. Convince corporations to commit a finite amount annually.
  • Attack social consciousness with clear goals and critical projects


Paul Primak

  • Many are not represented at the conference: student groups, NGOs, and business.
  • “It’s all about relationships.”
  • “It’s important to know what’s in your neighborhood” in order to “broaden the perspective.”
  • Avoid competition among organizations; “incentive and trust.”


Noah Siegel

  • It is not what a NEW approach might be, but an opportunity to “create a clearing house” that can benefit local and overseas existing collaborations.
  • Many chaotic, existing collaborations might benefit from collective approaches to bring “complete packages” to a problem.
  • ‘Oregon Brand’ is powerful in certain communities.
  • Owning a piece of the brand is real motivation to be part of social networking; a clearing house or a body of experts.
  • GlobalOregonTM will be a shift in how development is delivered.
  • ‘Brand America’ used to be incredibly powerful: faith-based, university-based hospitals, and schools. GlobalOregonTM offers a chance to renew the ‘Brand’ to share and grow as an American community.



Warren Banks, Rotary International

  • Projects in many countries rely on local clubs to gain community inputs.
  • Successes occur as a result of “bottom-up,” not “top-down” strategies: e.g., water and sanitation or microfinance.


Anais Tuepker, Preciva, Inc.

  • Is there a role for GlobalOregonTM as a means to transform how business is done in Oregon? Example: Sustainable social benefit translated into by-laws of companies and incentives. Where do we put our money to think and act differently?

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